According to a report by Fikri Cinokur for Turizm Days, establishments struggling to find qualified staff are now offering higher wages to recruit employees from other businesses, occasionally leading to conflicts between establishments.

Hakan Saatçioğlu: Hotels created training departments

Hakan Saatçioğlu, Chairman of the PHMA, reported that the issue of personnel and qualified personnel became very pronounced post-pandemic. He highlighted that this is a problem across all sectors, but particularly acute in the serTourism industry focuses on staff shortage!
vice (tourism) sector. "We've given up on finding experienced staff; we are even willing to hire those who have never worked before. Senior managers in the tourism sector are aware of the issue and understand that no one but themselves can solve it. Hoteliers had to create or strengthen training departments within their establishments. Our sector representatives from AKTOB and PHMA are aware of the situation. We've started offering additional field training and courses in collaboration with Tourism Vocational Schools and universities."

"Without foreign personnel, this problem cannot be solved"

Saatçioğlu stated that hotels cannot solve this issue without employing foreign staff, noting that they are trying to overcome these difficult times by hiring employees from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. "We are trying to achieve quick adaptation through rigorous training. Not only in Türkiye, but hotels worldwide are struggling to find staff. Hotels in Europe are also trying to recruit personnel from these countries," he said.

Burhan Sili: 12-month employment must be resolved

Burhan Sili, the Chairman of the Alanya Touristic Operators Association (ALTOA), stated that the issue of 12-month employment in the sector must be resolved. Highlighting that tourism is a labor-intensive sector, Sili mentioned, "Due to Türkiye's rapidly developing tourism industry and the subsequent erosion of qualified personnel during the pandemic, today's challenge of sourcing staff is felt more severely. Particularly in coastal areas, the seasonal nature of tourism activities means workers cannot be employed year-round, discouraging them from seeing this as a viable career."

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"State and sector must collaborate"

Sili emphasized the need for a collaborative effort between the state and the sector, suggesting that costs during closed periods should be shared, addressing the 12-month employment issue. "Our suggestion is to eliminate social security and employer contributions during closed periods, with wages paid by the employer. This would allow employees to receive wages all year round, reduce unemployment rates, and consequently, decrease the government's expenditure on unemployment benefits and other social aids," he added.

"Social amenities must be improved"

Sili concluded by stressing the need for tourism schools to balance theoretical and practical training more effectively. "To reduce the need for foreign personnel, serious attention must be given to language training in tourism schools. Additionally, due to the reluctance of domestic workers to take up back-of-house roles, leading to the employment of foreign staff, measures such as improving wages, working conditions, and social amenities should be explored. Ultimately, creating a sense of belonging among all employees, new and old, requires considerable effort from management. Social amenities and working conditions should be enhanced to support managerial efforts."

Editor: Haber Merkezi