Fettah Tamince, emphasizing that Tersane Istanbul is currently one of the most significant investments, stated that the project will also provide answers to the questions of "how to attract more tourists to Istanbul" and "how to make tourists spend more." He said, "In fact, we are creating the new center of Istanbul. We have four excellent hotels, two museums, a boulevard longer than Champs-Élysées, and the interest of globally renowned brands. We have three squares where all kinds of activities can take place, children's entertainment areas, and show venues. We are already deeply intertwined with history. Sea transportation is very accessible. Essentially, we are establishing an ecosystem there. Next year, in August, there will be a world-class concert that will capture the world's attention."

New hotel brand

Fettah Tamince, stating that he created a new hotel brand independently with his own investment, apart from the partnership with Accor Group in Rixos, said, "The first branch will open within Tersane Istanbul by the end of this year. But this is more than just a hotel; it will introduce a new perspective to the hospitality industry with a groundbreaking format. It will be a first in the world. Nothing we describe about hotels fits into this concept. There are no lobbies, no reception desks. We are coming with a concept that disrupts many things. I'm talking about a difference that goes far beyond luxurious marble or expensive keys. We have taken a brand from Türkiye and made it global. We have gained significant experience. Now, looking back, we know very well what we did wrong, what we did in excess, and what we could have done better."

Explaining that the investment amount in Shipyard Istanbul reached 40 billion liras, Tamince explained that the sales of the residences within the project were going well and that 50% of the sales were made to foreigners.

Editor: Savaş Daş