The noteworthy results of the research conducted with tourists who visited Türkiye in the last 12 months and during the period of April-June 2023 are as follows:

57% prefer making card payments

  • According to the research, 57% of tourists prefer to make payments with cards.
  • 83% of card users prefer contactless payments.
  • The main reasons for tourists' preference for card usage include the widespread acceptance of cards, the validity of cards at ATMs, and personal preference for card usage.

They stay an average of 11 nights in Türkiye

  • In terms of accommodation preferences, foreign tourists generally stay an average of 11 nights in Türkiye.
  • Security, cleanliness, and location are considered basic criteria for accommodation by tourists visiting our country.

80% prefer hotels for accommodation

  • 80% of tourists visiting Türkiye prefer hotels for accommodation. In this regard, the UAE (91%), Germany (89%), and the UK (84%) stand out.
  • According to the Visa 2023 Global Travel Trends Survey, foreign tourists visiting our country spend an average of $2,900 per trip.
  • Among tourists coming to Türkiye, families traveling with children aged 12 and older make the highest spending per trip, with $4,015.

29% prefer all-inclusive

  • 29% of tourists prefer "all-inclusive," while 21% prefer "partial package," and 50% prefer making their own reservations.
  • Friend or family recommendations are an important reference source for travelers. Travel review sites, search engine results, and social media also have an impact.
  • Tourists state that they make reservations for accommodation one month in advance and for restaurants after entering the country.
Editor: Mehmet Güneli