Deputy General Manager of Contract and Operations at Tatil Budur, Mustafa Kemal Çubuk stated that the company has entered a fast growing path after pandemic and significantly increased its market share.

"Number of rooms we sold increased by 27 percent"

"As of the end of August 2023, we recorded a 27% growth in the number of rooms sold compared to the same period of the previous year. We achieved this growth rate by selling 40 percent more rooms in the period between June and August compared to the same months of the previous year." Mustafa Kemal Çubuk said,

"Length of stays and short trips are in decline"

Çubuk pointed out that there have been some changes in consumer behavior in the domestic market during the 2023 season, including the decrease in average length of stay and short trips. "We believe it is result of high transportation cost." he said.

Çubuk also stated that there is a remarkable decrease in the expenses and non-hotel activities among holidaymakers. He said "In our own product range, we saw a significant increase in the sales of mid-range products, and the most meaningful part of our growth came from here."

Mustafa Kemal Çubuk continued:

"The biggest increase was recorded in Side, Bodrum, and Kemer."

Alanya, Kuşadası, Didim, Özdere-Seferihisar line are our strongest destinations. The destinations where we showed biggest growth in 2023 were Bodrum with 46 percent, Side with 51 percent, and Kemer with percent. TatilBudur saw an increase of over 34 percent in website visitors and over 215 percent in mobile app usage in 2023, becoming a valuable traffic center in the relevant date range within the industry. Our facilities in the portfolio received significant demand from the domestic market through us. We have hotels that have exceeded 1 million visitors in the detail page in the first 8 months.

TB Premium

We separate from the others by implementing differentiate premium segment products. We position premium segment products separately with our 'TB Premium' brand that we established. These products will now be featured in high-traffic areas of TatilBudur with a special design. There will also be separate listings with special filtering for this product group. We have also allocated a significant marketing budget for this product group. We will provide special and privileged service to TB Premium guests in after-sales services. Our investments will continue in 2024. We will bring our TatilBudur sales channel, mobile site, application, and of course our sales agents to our consumers with many new features."

Editor: Savaş Daş