Schengen crisis worsens! Schengen crisis worsens!

The implementation of a visa on arrival policy for Turkish citizens entering the Greek Islands by Greece has led to an unexpected increase in costs, with the visa fee of 60 euros reportedly rising to 90 euros due to additional expenses. 

Greece has initiated a visa on arrival scheme for 5 Greek Islands for Turkish citizens and has announced that the practice will soon be extended to another 5 islands.

The scheme, which started on March 30th for the islands of Kos, Lesvos, Rhodes, Samos and Chios, will soon be applicable to the islands of Leros, Limnos, Kalymnos, Kastellorizo and Symi as well.

While the visa, valid for a single entry, is priced at 60 euros, the total cost of entering the Greek islands is said to reach 90 euros due to extra charges demanded by ferry companies and the Greek side.

According to a report by Hürriyet, a visa fee of 60 euros is required to visit the island. However, even if you prepare the necessary documents yourself, you must deliver them to an intermediary firm. The Greek side mandates the use of intermediary firms. Therefore, you cannot deliver your documents and travel to the island on the same day; you are required to hand them over to an intermediary firm 3-4 days in advance. This results in an additional service fee. In some regions, high amounts of up to 30 euros are being demanded.

The procedures are carried out through ferry companies or by making arrangements with an agency to submit your documents. Many shipping companies are asking for a service fee of 20 euros. For example, a ferry company in Ayvalık states, “We take 10 euros, and the Lesvos side takes another 10 euros.” If this payment is not made, your documents are not processed. Additionally, depending on the destination island, a ferry cost ranging from 35 to 80 euros is also added to the expenses.

Editor: Haber Merkezi