In October, the number of visitors to Spain increased by 13.95 percent and reached to 8 million 178 thousand compared to the same month of the previous year. Spain thus surpassed October 2019 by 7.8 percent.

The country that sent the most visitors to Spain in October was the United Kingdom with 1 million 712 thousand, followed by Germany with 1 million 144 thousand, France with 997 thousand, the Netherlands with 420 thousand, and Italy with 402 thousand.

Ten months visitor numbers just slightly less than pre pandemic level

During the 10-month period from January to October, the number of visitors to Spain increased by 18.2 percent to reached 74 million 707 thousand. Thus, Spain reached 99.98 percent of the pre-pandemic level when it hosted 74 million 722 thousand visitors.

The United Kingdom remained the top tourist source market during this period with 15 million 468 thousand visitors, followed by France with 10 million 351 thousand, Germany with 9 million 616 thousand, Italy with 4 million 206 thousand, and the Netherlands with 3 million 659 thousand.

Tourism revenue in October

Tourism revenue in Spain for October increased by 24.02 percent compared to the previous year and reached to 10 billion 307 million euros. Thus, Spain exceeded tourism revenue for the same period in 2019 by 23.9 percent.

95 billion euros revenue in 10 months

During the 10-month period from January to October, Spain's tourism revenue increased by 24 percent, reaching 94 billion 916 million euros. In this period, Spain surpassed the same period in 2019 by 16 percent.

Daily and nightly expenditures increased

In October, the daily spending of tourists visiting Spain increased by 10.55 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching 185 euros, while the average expenditure per tourist increased by 8.84 percent to 1,260 euros. The average length of stay decreased by 1.55 percent to 6.80 nights.