Aiming to advance tourism in our country through collaboration with tourism professionals from various sectors, and as one of the largest Skål clubs in the world, Skål International Istanbul held its The 34th Ordinary General Assembly on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at Elite World Istanbul.

The General Assembly Meeting, attended by the Skål International Istanbul Board of Directors and members, as well as TÜRSAB Vice Presidents Davut Günaydın and Hasan Eker, TÜROB President Müberra Eresin, Istanbul Tourism Platform Director Şengül Altan Arslan, former Skål International World President Hülya Aslantaş, International Skål Associations Federation President Orhon Atameriç, and board member Ayşe Önen, saw the election of Selma Tatar as the President for the 34th Term.

Following the General Assembly, a Chain Transfer Ceremony was held where Selma Tatar, the new President of the Skål International Istanbul Club, received the presidency chain from the former President, Can Arınel.

Can Arınel expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported him during his two-year tenure and congratulated the new President Selma Tatar and her Board of Directors, expressing his belief in their capability to undertake valuable projects. He emphasized continuing under the motto of "Tourism for friendship and peace," and highlighted the "100 Young Tourism Professionals in the 100th Year of Our Republic" project aimed at contributing significantly to the sector. Arınel also thanked Şengül Altan Arslan, Director of the Istanbul Tourism Platform, for her unwavering support and stressed the unique role of Skål Istanbul Club in bringing together the entire tourism sector under one umbrella. He acknowledged the crucial contributions of professional organizations, particularly thanking TÜRSAB Vice President Davut Günaydın for his support.

Selma Tatar, the 34th Term President of the Skål International Istanbul Club, thanked Can Arınel and the Board of Directors for their leadership, and also her mother, a former president of the club, for inspiring her to join. She pledged to advance the club further with lessons learned from her mother's experiences. Tatar outlined her goal to quickly achieve a more dynamic structure emphasizing the concept of friendship, which lies at the heart of the Skål spirit, and to continue the "100 Young Tourism Professionals in the 100th Year of Our Republic" project initiated by Arınel and significantly contributed to by Mustafa Devrim Yalçın. With the support of the members, she aims to strengthen the Skål International Istanbul Club further and achieve many new successes together. Tatar expressed her gratitude for the trust and support shown to her and the Board of Directors, proud to embark on this journey together.

The new 34th Term Board of Directors of the International Skål Istanbul Club includes Mustafa Yalçın, Meltem Tepeler, Seyhan Ayel, Merve Kadıoğlu, Atilla Acet, Tülay Salihoğlu, with alternate members Tezcan Özdemir, Hakan Babila, Bozkurt Atabek, Günnur Diker, Ceyhun Özevin, and Berna Tuzlak.