Dedeman Hotels & Resorts announced that they have reached an agreement for three hotels in Uzbekistan.

Banu Dedeman, Vice Chairman of the Dedeman Holding Board of Directors, announced via social media that the signing ceremony for the three hotels will take place next week.

The group's hotels in Uzbekistan will operate under the names Dedeman Tashkent, Rest&More by Dedeman Novai Uzbekistan, and Zarafshan Managed by Dedeman.

Strong local chain

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International is a notable hotel chain that originated in Türkiye. Founded by the Dedeman family, the brand has expanded beyond its initial roots to become a recognized name in the hospitality industry, especially within Türkiye and some neighboring regions. Known for its commitment to quality service, comfort, and traditional Turkish hospitality, Dedeman has a portfolio that includes a range of properties, from luxury hotels and resorts to business and city hotels.

Dedeman operated several hotels primarily in Türkiye, but it also had a presence in other countries. The brand is known for accommodating both leisure and business travelers, offering facilities such as spas, fitness centers, meeting rooms, and banquet halls to cater to a wide array of needs. Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International continues to focus on expansion and aims to strengthen its presence both domestically and internationally by exploring new markets and opportunities.

For the most current information about their locations, services, and any new developments, it's best to visit the official Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International website or contact them directly.