According to data from and the Setur mobile app, the most searched destinations for holidaymakers were Antalya, Bodrum, and Marmaris. Within Tuürkiye, the Lycian region was a popular choice, and for international travel, Balkan tours stood out as a top preference. The most frequent travelers were families with children and couples.

Setur, which has achieved the top position in the tourism sector for customer satisfaction three times in a row, shared travel trends for July, August, and September. The favorite accommodation destinations for holidaymakers who visited and the Setur mobile app were Kemer, Alanya, and Bodrum. Most reservations were made for domestic hotels and international tours. The most common travelers included families with children, couples, and adult groups, with reservations primarily for 3-4 night stays.

Growing Interest in the Aegean and Mediterranean

In the year 2023, with the extension of the summer season, September saw a high demand for holiday programs. According to Setur's data, Ege and Mediterranean routes, promising sea, sun, sand, and entertainment, were the most preferred destinations. Antalya, Bodrum, and Marmaris were the most searched locations. For domestic tours, Lycia, boutique Eastern Black Sea Plateaus, and boutique Mardin Tours, offering the opportunity to see the azure seas, unique nature, and ancient cultures, were the most preferred tours.


Rising Star: Visa-Free Balkan Tours

For international travel, visa-free Balkan tours became highly popular due to their visa-free status and the combination of history and nature in six countries (Skopje-Ohrid-Shkodra-Trebinje-Sarajevo-Belgrade) and Great Balkan tours (Belgrade-Sarajevo-Mostar-Počitel-Trebinje-Montenegro-Kotor-Budva-Shkodra-Ohrid-Skopje). After Balkan tours, the exotic Phuket tour gained prominence. The top destinations with the most reservations for international travel were Sharm El Sheikh with its varying shades of blue sea, Amsterdam with its nature, culture, and nightlife, and Rhodes with its easy visa access and affordable prices. The most searched tours were for Italy, Egypt, and Balkan Tours.

Last-Minute bookings stood out

In terms of purchasing trends, a significant number of holidaymakers showed great interest in advantageous offers, price-performance hotels, and last-minute opportunities. Setur, which offers many features at affordable prices, determined the preferences of holidaymakers. With various payment options and campaigns, Setur made it possible for guests to realize their dream vacations, making it the top choice for travelers during this period.