As July approaches, Turkish holiday destinations are leading online search trends among Russians planning their vacations. However, data reveals that when it comes to actual bookings through travel agencies, Russian resorts are the clear frontrunners.

Türkiye leads in holiday searches

According to a bulletin by the Russian Tour Operators Association (ATOR), Türkiye tops the list of July holiday searches with a commanding 50% share. Following Türkiye are Egypt with 13%, Russia with 10%, the UAE with 7%, Thailand with 5%, Abkhazia with 3%, the Maldives with 2.3%, China with 1.5%, Cuba with 1.4%, and Vietnam with 1.3%.

Despite these search trends, the report highlights a significant discrepancy in actual bookings. For July, Russian cities and resorts account for 56% of holiday sales, leaving Türkiye with a 24% share.

A new 'visitors plan' for Olympos and Phaselis A new 'visitors plan' for Olympos and Phaselis

Türkiye slips in sales, Russia doubles its share

Data from shows a dramatic shift from June to July. In June, Russia's share of holiday bookings was 27%, while Türkiye held 38%. By July, Türkiye’s share dropped by 14%, whereas Russia’s share more than doubled. Sales for Egypt, the UAE, and Thailand also saw declines in July.

For July bookings, Russia and Türkiye are followed by Egypt at 6.5%, Abkhazia at 5%, Thailand at 3%, and the UAE at 2.5%.

"300,000 Rubles for a Regular Hotel in Antalya is Unnecessary"

An analysis of the July sales figures suggests a shift in preferences among Russian tourists:

"Many tourists who previously vacationed regularly in Türkiye are now reluctant to significantly shorten their stays or downgrade their hotel choices due to rising prices. With a normal family holiday budget now at 400,000-500,000 rubles, many Russians find it unnecessary to spend 300,000 rubles for a stay in a regular hotel in Antalya. As a result, vacationing in southern Russia becomes a more attractive option."

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