Russian citizens will be able to make payments in Türkiye using the local payment system Troy, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported. They can also download this system to their mobile from AppStore and GooglePlay stores in Russia.

According to newspaper, after the problems that occurs on Russian payment system, MIR, Türkiye developed Troy payment system that can replace MIR and now it is ready to use.

They can transfer Turkish lira from their Russian accounts

In the article, details also shared how Russians can use Turkish payment system. First, they will register to Letim application and transfer Turkish Lira into the Troy system from their ruble accounts in Russian banks.

It will work all ATMs and POS devices

After Turkish banks stopped using MIR system, the Russian Central Bank had announced that it was working on alternative payment methods. At that time, possibility of using Turkish payment system Troy, was one of the options.

Additionally, Kommersant points out that the Troy payment system is valid at all ATMs and POS devices, ensuring that Russian tourists traveling to Türkiye will not have problem when making payments with their virtual cards.

They will use QR codes to withdraw money

According to the information provided by the Kommersant, Russians will not have physical card, but have online payment system. On the other hand, they can withdraw money from ATMs by using QR codes. Near future, hey will also be able to make contactless payments through the Near Field Communication (NFC) system.

Furthermore, Russian tourists can transfer the remaining funds from the Troy system back to their bank accounts in Russia after leaving Türkiye.

Editor: Savaş Daş