It is reported that passengers of Russian tour operators experincing mass delays of Turkish Airlines flights, that reached 13 hours. As a result of delays between Russia and Türkiye, tour operators have to pay compensation to affected customers.

Industry experts says that while tour operators invoice other airlines for compensation claims resulting from flight delays, they cannot do the same with Turkish Airlines. Significant passenger inconvenience and compensations arise due to the delays in Turkish Airlines flights, but tour companies are unable to invoice THY for these expenses.

13 hours delay

The delays in Turkish Airlines flights have also been reported by the Russian media. An article on the Russian tourism news portal, TourDom, mentioned that the Turkish Airlines flight with flight number TK 3731, from Vnukovo to Antalya, took off with a delay of 13 hours on July 23rd.

Not only in Moscow

The article noted that delays have occurred in other flights as well. Accordingly, flight TK 422 scheduled to depart from Moscow at 02:35, took off at 04:40; flight TK 3741 scheduled to depart at 14:40, took off at 18:20; and flight TK 3673 scheduled to depart from St. Petersburg at 15:05, took off at 22:35. It is emphasized that delays observed not only in Moscow but also other ragions. 

THY remains silent

While it is indicated that tour operators compensate passengers for the delays, Turkish Airlines has not made any statement regarding the delays. Aviation experts suggest that the problem is likely due to aircraft shortages.

Editor: Savaş Daş