Supported by the Nevşehir Governorship, the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), Turkish Airlines (THY) Nevşehir Branch, TURSAB Cappadocia Regional Representative Board (Cappadocia BTK), Cappadocia Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (KAPTİD), Nevşehir Guides Chamber (NERO), and the Cappadocia Tourism Region Infrastructure Service Union (KAP-HİB), the 3-day program began with a meeting between Russian agency officials and sector representatives.

Turkish tourism minister aims to divide TÜRSAB into five Turkish tourism minister aims to divide TÜRSAB into five

Travel agencies, hotels, and balloon companies operating in the Cappadocia region met with Russian tour operators to discuss tourism matters and collaboration.

The meetings aimed to promote the Cappadocia brand to wider audiences in Russia and strengthen cooperation in the field of tourism. Furthermore, Cappadocia's unique natural beauties, historical and cultural heritage, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Göreme Open Air Museum, underground cities, and other significant sites will be showcased to Russian tour operators.

Teyfik Ölmez: Increasing interest from Russians in Cappadocia

Teyfik Ölmez, President of the Cappadocia Touristic Operators Association, said, “Recently, there has been a growing interest in the Cappadocia region from Russians. Consequently, operators in Cappadocia have launched a promotional campaign in partnership with Turkish Airlines to better host guests from Russia and increase promotion. We are hosting 22 agency representatives from Russia in Cappadocia. Upon their return, they will promote Cappadocia more extensively. There was significant interest in Türkiye at the tourism fair in Moscow. Their interest in Türkiye is increasing day by day. The influx of Russians, which began with the pandemic, is expected to continue increasing in the coming years.”

Editor: Haber Merkezi