Qrista Managed by Dedeman, which will host guests through the partnership of ABC KAR Tourism, contributing to the development of Kars with its investments, became the 26th hotel opened by the Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, Türkiye's largest domestic hotel chain.

As part of Dedeman's growth strategy, the second hotel of "Managed by Dedeman," one of the nine brands implemented, Qrista Managed by Dedeman, began hosting guests with a magnificent opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony, hosted by Dedeman and ABC KAR Tourism on Friday, September 15, 2023, was attended by various dignitaries, including Kars Deputy Governor and Deputy Mayor Ramazan Taşkın, provincial and district officials, Dedeman Holding Chairman of the Board Rıfat Dedeman, and senior executives of the Dedeman Group, ABC KAR Tourism Chairman of the Board Doğan Vergül, Vice Presidents Ali Şayir and Cemil Akbaba, long-time tourism professional Ergün Demiray, and members of the press.

A captivating atmosphere in Dedeman's hospitality

Qrista Managed by Dedeman, located in the city center of Kars, the final destination of the Eastern Express, built in 1876 with Baltic architecture and preserving its original features to this day, will offer guests an extraordinary experience.

With 26 rooms, some of which have balconies, a restaurant serving special local cuisine, and an elegant lobby bar with authentic decoration, as well as a traditional Turkish hammam, steam room, and sauna areas, the hotel will provide a four-season exclusive accommodation experience for all guests traveling for business or leisure.

Designed in perfect harmony with its historical culture, the hotel is a flawless example of wood and stone craftsmanship. Guests will find authentic nuances in the interior decoration and experience Dedeman quality in the stylish rooms, which are decorated for simple and efficient use.

Throughout history, Kars, which has hosted many civilizations, stands out as one of the region's important tourism centers with an open-air museum atmosphere. The city, known for its historical and natural beauties such as Kars Castle, Sarıkamış Winter Tourism Center, Ani Ruins, Lake Çıldır, and many more, is an important stop on the travel routes of domestic and foreign travelers.

Qrista Managed by Dedeman is located within a 5-minute walk from the historical Kars Castle, 45 km from Ani Archaeological Site, 40 km from Sarıkamış, and 6 km from Kars Harakani Airport.