Speaking at the monthly meeting of the Mediterranean Hoteliers and Operators Association (AKTOB) held at Sherwood Exclusive Lara, Kaan Kavaloğlu made assessments regarding the prominent agenda of Antalya and Türkiye's tourism sector.

"Antalya has exceeded 14.5 million tourists"

Kavaloğlu announced that as of October 24th, Antalya has surpassed 14.5 million tourists, saying, "We will achieve our target of 15 million tourists by the end of the year. Despite  war, Russia is still the top source tourism market of Türkiye. Russia is followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. As we have always said, the UK will exceed 1.5 million this year. The early booking trends of the UK and Germany have decreased a bit. We are aware of that and monitoring this situation."

"Poland has become the 4th source market"

Drawing attention to the increase in Polish visitors flow to Antalya, the President of AKTOB stated, "For the first time this year, Poland has reached one million and has become Antalya's fourth biggest market. For this reason, as AKTOB, we will host a group of Polish press in Antalya along with SunExpress, "

Kavaloğlu mentioned that the tension between Israel and Palestine has had a minor and short-term negative impact on tourism, but emphasized that if the crisis is resolved, all dynamics will return to normal.

Editor: Savaş Daş