This certification, developed through a collaboration between the Sustainability Academy and Bureau Veritas, represents the highest level of achievement in sustainability, with Pegasus Airlines earning it at the gold level. Successfully completing the audit, Pegasus Airlines operates with over 7,500 employees in various capacities including general management and flight services, marking it as the pioneering company in the aviation sector to acquire this certificate under these categories.

The "Green Check Certificate" is designed to validate, encourage, and accelerate green commitments and sustainable business practices among companies. It is awarded after an independent audit, assessing areas such as environmental management, occupational health and safety, communication and participation, customer feedback management, supply chain, and environmental conditions.

Companies earning this certificate not only gain a competitive edge by demonstrating their environmental management efforts through a transparent audit process but also enhance customer satisfaction and corporate reputation. Additional benefits include aligning with today's values, attracting new customers, and the ability to offer new products and services.

Bureau Veritas, conducting the audits, provides services across over 140 countries, ranging from laboratory testing to inspection and certification services in various sectors.