Here is the message from the Türkiye Tourism Investors Association (TTYD) on the 100th anniversary of the Republic:

"The Republic, built upon the vision of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the belief of our people, is now 100 years old. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic with great enthusiasm, embracing a clear vision, goals, and entering the second century with hope, confidence, and faith.

On this significant day, we would like to remember Atatürk not only as the founder of our Republic but also as the pioneer of institutional Turkish tourism. The initial regulations in the field of tourism, defining its qualities, establishment of associations like the Turkish Travelers Society, promotional activities like the Black Sea Ship, and significant tourism investments in newly developing cities all commenced during Atatürk's era. Despite the country's limited resources, these investments made during that time indicate a significant foresight regarding the place of tourism in Türkiye's future economy.

With this foresight, where we stand today, tourism, characterized as a strategic sector in the Turkish economy, has risen through national investments. It meets the capital needs for investments, provides added value, and enhances the balance of payments, becoming a leading sector. The Türkiye Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), comprising large-scale and high-quality tourism investor companies, and its members are at the forefront alongside all Turkish Tourism Investors, with over 200,000 accommodation capacities, 15,000 airplane seats, 15 airports, marinas with a capacity of over 15,000 yachts, all cruise ship ports in our country, 6 tour operators, and approximately $60 billion invested in tourism, as Atatürk expressed in the economic struggle. As TTYD enters its 35th year, we continue our efforts to steer this power towards a correct future vision and effective global connections.

With this belief, in the second century, we tirelessly work to advance the Republic in every field, be it in the economy, science, art, and, like all areas of life, in tourism, with our dreams and determination. Through these efforts, our country has entered the top 5 in terms of visitor numbers, achieved improvements in all tourism indicators, and obtained a significant position in world tourism with our high-quality facilities.

In this 100 years, we express our gratitude to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, and all our national heroes who led us to this day. We celebrate our Republic Day.

May the second century be a gift to our children and youth...

Oya Narin President Türkiye Tourism Investors Association (TTYD)"