Overnights of foreign tourists in Türkiye decreased by 10 percent to around 87 million during the period from January to August 2023, according to data compiled from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

On the other hand, overnight stays by domestic tourists also decreased by 24 percent to around 49 million during the same period. In total, overnight stays decreased by 15 percent to 136 million in eight months.

Germans and Russians accounted for the most overnight stays

During the period of January to August 2023, Germany took the first place in terms of overnight stays in 'Ministry licensed' facilities with 18.6 million, followed by the Russian Federation with 13.5 million. Overnight stays in these two markets decreased by approximately 14 percent. The UK, which had the third highest number of overnight stays with 10.4 million, experienced a decrease of 4.5 percent.

While the number of tourists increased, it was observed that the number of overnight stays in facilities generally decreased. The largest fall observed in the Iranian market by 36 percent,  followed by 27 percent in France, 18 percent in Netherlands, 17 percent in Kazakhstan, and 10 percent in Israel.

Markets with an increase in overnight stays

During this period, biggest overnight increase occurred in Saudi Arabia fallowed by 18 percent in Poland, 13 percent in Italy, 13 percent in Czechia and 11 percent in Slovakia.

Editor: Savaş Daş