Freebird has started Antalya-Chisinau services Freebird has started Antalya-Chisinau services

The exorbitant price of water at the airport has sparked a social media storm, following a post by the "Gıda Dedektifi" (Food Detective) account. The post highlighted that the price of the water had recently been reduced from €10 to €9.

“This is Sabiha Gökçen Airport. You won't find a single bottle of this water at this price anywhere else in the world. In any European supermarket, you could buy 15-20 bottles for this price. It's not just us, but tourists visiting our country are being taken for fools!” the post exclaimed.

Under the post, users shared comparisons of the same brand's prices in different countries. Comments noted that in the United States, six liters of the same brand are sold for $10, while in Europe, a bottle of the same size costs at most €2-2.5.

Editor: Haber Merkezi