Dedeman Group returns to Antalya! Dedeman Group returns to Antalya!

Orhan Belge, the Vice President of the Aegean Touristic Operators and Accommodations Association (ETIK) and a member of the ÇEŞTOB Board of Directors, shared his insights on the upcoming holiday and summer season.

Çeşme Surpasses 80% occupancy during the holiday

"A nine-day long holiday has started, and Çeşme is coming to life. About 20 days ago, our holiday occupancy rates were at the 30-40% level. Now, the four-day average has surpassed 80%. Particularly, the reservations for the second and third days of the holiday exceeded 90%. Looking at the four-day average of the holiday, I believe it will be around the 85% mark. That's a good figure. The weather in Çeşme is beautiful. It's said to remain this way throughout the holiday. We hope to have a holiday season without any mishaps. Everything is ready for the holiday. We are looking forward to welcoming our guests," he stated.

Early bookings tripled

Belge also shared his expectations for the season, stating, "After the holiday and the Alaçatı Herb Festival, I believe the season will have officially started. The intensity will increase even further once schools close in June. Looking at early bookings, they have almost tripled compared to last year. This serves as an indicator of how the 2024 season will unfold," he mentioned.

Editor: Haber Merkezi