NG Phaselis Bay Lifestyle Resort hosted an exceptional award ceremony this year with its third edition of the SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards. Business partners who contribute significantly to NG Phaselis Bay were recognized as part of the SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards 2023. The most successful 270 sub-agents in the CIS markets were treated to a week full of privileges and an unforgettable experience during the award ceremony.

The SEE, FEEL, LOVE Awards ceremony, held in grandeur from October 22nd to 25th, made a significant impact in the CIS market. Business partners from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, and Belarus were hosted at NG Phaselis Bay, creating memorable moments. During this grand event, awards were presented to the top three agents who excelled in nine different markets.

NG Phaselis Bay meticulously prepared to host its valuable business partners, ensuring the utmost hospitality during this event, showcasing the unique privileges of the "Lifestyle Resort" concept. The resort not only provided its guests with these exclusive amenities but also extended these privileges to the 270 participating sub-agents, curating an award ceremony where every detail was thoughtfully considered.

Throughout the week of the award ceremony, various activities were held. The Bohemian Party on the first day entertained guests with an unforgettable DJ performance by Cielo until the early hours of the morning. During the magnificent cocktail event on the second day, special certificates were presented to all participants. The award night, colored by the concert of the beloved Russian pop artist Leonid Agutin, provided enjoyable hours for all attendees.

The SEE FEEL LOVE Awards, as in previous years, continued to acknowledge successes within the industry in 2023. NG Phaselis Bay aims to provide a unique experience for valuable business partners contributing to the sector in the upcoming years as well.