NG Hotels is a hospitality company that operates in the tourism and hotel industry.  NG Hotels, which includes Erkan Güral, a member of the AKP Central Decision and Executive Board since November of the previous year, has initiated efforts to open another hotel in Antalya.

For the planned NG Sign Kemer Hotel in the Göynük district of Kemer, Antalya, covering the entire 106th island parcels 20 and 21, with 73,327 square meters for the 15th parcel and 1,178 square meters for the 8th parcel, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) decision was made that it is not necessary.

The 5-star hotel, with a projected cost of 2 billion 345 million TL, is planned to have 237 rooms and a capacity of 636 beds.

It's worth noting that parts of parcels 8 and 20 of the 106th island and the entire parcel 21 are located within the Beydağları Coastal National Park.

How many hotels does the group have?

NG Hotels operates the NG Phaselis Bay facility in the same region, and the company also has NG Enjoy in Sapanca, NG Sapanca, and NG Afyon hotels in Afyonkarahisar.

The group's first 5-star hotel is NG Sapanca, which opened in 2008 in Sapanca and features 291 rooms.

The second link in the chain, NG Afyon, opened in 2012, providing services with 428 rooms.

NG Enjoy, which opened in Sapanca in 2020, embraces a new generation holiday concept in the heart of nature and has a capacity of 270 rooms.

NG Phaselis Bay, opened in June 2021 in Antalya for sea tourism, is the group's newest and largest hotel with 480 rooms.