Following its Greening Hotels certification from the Sustainability Academy, NG AFYON has become the only hotel to obtain the Green Check Gold Certification, marking its second green certificate. In addition to previously acquiring certifications such as ISO 14001, Green Star, GSTC, and Greening Hotels, NG AFYON has once again demonstrated its environmental sensitivity by receiving the Green Check Gold Certification.

Previously, NG AFYON had also secured the Sustainable Tourism Certification awarded by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for meeting the criteria outlined in the agreement between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and GSTC. These criteria are set to be completed by 2030.

Hediye Güral Gür, Chairwoman of NG Hotels Board of Directors, stated, "A more sustainable future in tourism holds significant importance for both our country and future generations. As NG Hotels, we aim to be pioneers in driving transformation within the sector with this vision. The Green Check Certification has been designed to endorse businesses' green commitments and achievements in sustainability practices. We, as NG AFYON, take pride in achieving this prestigious certification."

Reaffirmed its luxury services once again

NG Sapanca, established in 2008 in Sapanca, was adorned with the "Luxury Forest Spa" award, while NG Afyon, which artfully blends thermal indulgence with luxury, was crowned with the "Luxury Mineral Spring Spa" award.

Catering to those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature, NG Enjoy received the "Luxury Spa Hotel" award.

Offering an exclusive holiday experience with its breathtaking views, captivating ambiance, and exceptional comfort, NG Phaselis Bay was honored as the "Luxury Beachfront Resort" at the 2022 World Luxury Awards, where the world's most luxurious hotels are recognized.