TRU Hospitality Services and Retail Group ( TRU Ağırlama Hizmetleri ve Perakende Grup) has taken over the operation of the lounge dining areas at Istanbul Airport managed by IGA. "We offer Turkish hospitality to our guests," said Sadettin Cesur, CEO of TRU Hospitality Services and Retail Group, stating that operations such as restaurant management, hotel management, city operations, in-flight catering services, lounge management, and event organization have come together under one roof as of 2023 in order to meet the expectations of guests at the highest level.

"You first"

"By aiming to incorporate both national and international brands into our portfolio, we have taken a step towards globalizing, emphasizing that TRU, with 'TR' standing for Türkiye, and 'U' standing for 'You First.' That is, our focus is on people. Both our employees and our guests are included in this definition. We look at all our passengers with a guest's eye. Our motto is; 'Tru Hospitality with diversity just for you.' With our diversity, we offer real Turkish hospitality to our guests. In this sense, our collaboration with the renowned name in the world of gastronomy, Chef Çiğdem Seferoğlu, is very important. We aim to offer our guests unforgettable experiences," he said.

"A brand new experience"

Selahattin Bilgen, Deputy CEO of Istanbul Airport, stated the following regarding the agreement:

"Based on the feedback and suggestions that we receive from our guests, we continue our distinguished service approach with a brand new experience. As Istanbul Airport, which quickly ranks among the most prestigious airports in the world, we are with our guests in every area from the beginning to the end of their journeys. With the operation of TRU Hospitality & Retail Company, I am sure that the lounges of Istanbul Airport, with their new menu and selected flavors suitable for every palate, will become the indispensable venue for meal breaks. We are pleased to provide our passengers with a dining experience of the highest standards at the IGA Lounge and, with this change, to present the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine to our guests in our lounges."