Anda Barut Collection, which  cost 150 million euros, has opened its doors with 547 keys including 14 villas. The 5-star Anda Barut Collection, which will provide services with the luxury Barut Collection concept in its own private bay on Didim's Delice Peninsula, will contribute to the bed capacity and employment of the region with Barut Hotels service quality.

A new milestone in Turkish tourism

Cem Karacan, General Manager of Anda Barut Collection, stated, "Barut Hotels, one of the brands that changed the understanding of tourism in the Mediterranean 52 years ago by opening its first hotel, will now bring its half-century of experience to the Aegean. This investment, which will be the symbol of prestige for the region, will mark a new milestone in Turkish tourism. We are creating a new location where names in the billionaire league can vacation in Türkiye, attracting the luxury tourism potential of the world to Türkiye. In addition to these projects that will carry us into the future, we attach great importance to sustainability for future generations. We have the first ‘International Renewable Energy’ certified hotels in the Mediterranean region of Türkiye. All our hotels will continue to use green energy."

Contributing to regional development and employment

Positioned within 200 acres of natural beauty, Anda Barut Collection offers guests a spacious and airy environment where they can breathe comfortably. With its proximity to Izmir and Bodrum airports, the hotel provides easy access. Thanks to the climate of the Didim Delice Peninsula, which allows tourism throughout the year, the hotel will offer guests an unforgettable experience year-round.

A Space for everyone

Anda Barut Collection will be divided into three main sections to ensure guests' comfort and full experience. Whether for business, family vacations or a luxurious romantic getaway, visitors will leave Anda Barut Collection with cherished memories for a lifetime.

Ramada by Wyndham's first hotel in Fethiye opened in Ölüdeniz Ramada by Wyndham's first hotel in Fethiye opened in Ölüdeniz

Relaxation for ddults

At Anda Barut Collection, a specially designed area awaits adults. With spacious rooms, gourmet restaurants, enchanting experiences, health, sports, and luxury areas, guests are welcomed with even more privileges. Peaceful areas that meet the magical nature of the Aegean, private pools, and stylish accommodation options ensure that your vacation is filled with tranquility and romantic moments.

Anda Barut Collection

A destination for family travel

Anda Barut Collection reimagines the vacation experience for families with children and considers every detail. Within the hotel, there are entertainment parks with the region's largest water park and fairground area, specially designed educational activities for children, and safe play areas. These areas provide an environment where children can expend their energy effectively while having fun and learning. These sections, which offer all the facilities for families to relax and spend quality time, will elevate the holiday experience for our little guests.

Healthy eating and gastronomic exploration

Anda not only offers a luxury accommodation experience but also allows guests to embark on their gastronomic journey. With various menus prepared with carefully selected organic products, Anda aims to bring the purest flavors of nature to guests' tables. By combining modern kitchen techniques with local ingredients, Anda redefines the art of healthy eating.

A sport-filled experience with olympic champions

Anda Barut Collection hosts a dynamic sports event with Olympic medal-winning world-renowned athletes. Taking place from May 10th to 12th, 2024, this event offers participants the chance to experience various sports activities such as running, beach fitness, swimming, rowing, yoga, and dance. With guidance, education, and inspiration from the world's best athletes, guests are promised days filled with sports, movement, and energy.

Concerts by master of different melodies, Dany Brillant, at Anda Barut Collection

French singer Dany Brillant, who has had a 38-year career with 14 albums and hundreds of songs, will provide unforgettable moments for the audience at Anda Barut Collection on June 17th, July 5th, August 23rd, and September 20th, 2024. The legendary artist will bring together salsa, jazz, and Italian influences in his music to meet the French spirit with the guests.

Soul vibes concerts

Selen Beytekin, one of Türkiye's prominent jazz vocalists, will be at Anda Barut Collection with the "Soul Vibes" project. In the "Soul Vibes" project, where jazz, R&B, funk, soul, blues, and gospel music are blended, Selen Beytekin, along with master musicians Şenova Ülker (trumpet), Engin Recepoğulları (tenor saxophone), Ercüment Orkut (piano), Ozan Musluoğlu (double bass), Ferit Odman (drums), and vocalists, will provide music lovers with an unforgettable summer evening on June 16th, July 25th, August 9th, and September 13th.

Editor: Haber Merkezi