It's time to experience a new form of accommodation in İğneada, famous for its natural beauty. After months of careful work, Nayu Igneada has opened its doors. Nayu İğneada, with its 22 km of coastline and its rare location where the lake meets the sea, adjacent to the Longoz Forests, offers a brand-new nature experience.

Nayu İğneada, which encapsulates the distinctive world of nature it resides in, combines nature activities in this stylish escape. For those who want to take a break from the chaos of the city and get away without actually going far, Nayu İğneada offers a new option. Nayu İğneada is situated at a unique point where you can watch freely soaring birds over the lake and witness the unparalleled beauty while kayaking on the lake.

Northern-themed architecture

The architecture of Nayu İğneada is designed with respect for the natural texture of the region and reflects the concept of 'Escape to the North.' The project's creator, Architect Fahrettin Aykut, describes the influence of Nordic elements and emphasizes the use of local materials. Aykut says, "We wanted to create the spirit of the 70s and 80s in Nayu, incorporating the essence of that era and a feeling of simplicity, as if it had always been here. Located on the edge of a vast forest, at the intersection of the lake and the sea, we captured the aura in the architecture," explaining Nayu İğneada.

The hotel hosts guests with a total of 32 rooms and offers freshness and relaxation with its pool and wellness areas. Nayu İğneada aims to be a stylish escape that not only provides accommodation but also promises an experience that soothes the soul and highlights the power of architecture and design.

A new gastronomy experience in İğneada

Nayu Igneada also offers special alternatives for both staying guests and those who want to experience an unforgettable gastronomy experience on the unique coast of Igneada. The head chef of Nayu İğneada's restaurant is the experienced chef Gökçen Yıldırım. Yıldırım regards Nayu as a turning point for what they wanted to achieve in terms of gastronomy. The menu, which reflects Igneada and the region, carefully uses local and seasonal ingredients to offer guests a unique culinary experience. The menu combines both seafood and a variety of local meat with expert touches, bringing local flavors to life.

Meeting point of the Longoz Forests and the Black Sea

Nayu İğneada also opens the door to the unique natural beauty of Igneada. The impressive design and location of the hotel converge with the Longoz Forests, one of Kırklareli's most valuable treasures. The Longoz Forests, considered one of Türkiye's natural wonders due to its rare and delicate ecosystem, can be explored by Nayu İğneada's guests. Nayu İğneada highlights the uniqueness of the Longoz Forests by offering special activities such as nature walks, canoe trips, and bird watching, allowing guests to experience not only physical activity but also a spiritual journey, providing moments of peace and beauty in the tranquility of nature.

A product of passion for the city

Nayu İğneada, an investment of Görkem Gökçe, a businessman and lawyer from Kırklareli, is a product of his passion for showcasing the city's beauty and potential. Gökçe describes Nayu as a "journey we embarked on with our hearts on the clear shores of Igneada." He believes that Nayu will create a new destination for the entire country.

With the motto "Escape to the North, "Nayu İğneada transforms into a sanctuary where you can create unforgettable memories, nourish your soul, and savor the natural beauty of Igneada."