In a report by Necla Dalan from Patronlar Dünyası, İbrahim Özer detailed the company's ambitious plans for domestic and international hotel investments over the next four years. He mentioned that some of the projects are currently in the development phase, while others are still in the planning stages. Özer emphasized that all the projects combined would require an investment of 4.7 billion TL.

"Our goal with these new projects is to transform Meroddi into an international chain serving in various sectors of tourism across different countries," Özer stated. He provided information on the domestic projects as follows:

"One of the projects is the restoration of the 130-year-old Bağdatlıyan Building in the Galata Region, which we are converting into a 46-room boutique hotel. We are transforming our company headquarters in Mecidiyeköy into a 74-room 4-star city hotel.

Additionally, there is a 37-room boutique hotel in Beyoğlu, a 125-apartment hotel-residence project in Şişli, a 70-room airport hotel near Istanbul Airport in İhsaniye, a 35-room nature tourism hotel in the Kazdağları mountains, and an 18-room cave hotel project in Cappadocia. The restoration of the Bağdatlıyan building is expected to be completed around March 2025. We plan to start the Mecidiyeköy project at the end of this year and finish by 2026. The Beyoğlu project, which is our own building, is planned to open by the end of 2025. We have a site in the Kazdağları mountains and plan to complete the hotel there in 3 years, and the one in Cappadocia in 2 years, where we will also be making a purchase."

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Regarding international ventures, Özer revealed ongoing discussions to open boutique hotels abroad. "We plan to buy a historic building in Barcelona and convert it into a boutique hotel. We aim to bring the 40-room boutique hotel in Barcelona to life within 3 years, as restoration processes take a long time. Similarly, we have a project for a 35-room boutique hotel in Lisbon."

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