Monarch Airlines, which reappeared after 6 years, has become a topic of discussion on social media. The airline had withdrawn from the market in 2017 due to the failed operations of its affiliated tour operator.

In a tweet, it was indicated that the majority shares of Monarch Airlines and Monarch Holidays had changed hands, and the company's founder had departed. The tweet mentioned that control had passed on to a new person, and that Monarch Holidays might evolve into an online travel agency venture.

Moreover, the newly opened website under the alias @LetsMonarch is noteworthy. The statement "We are building a new Monarch just for you" on the site didn't go unnoticed. Additionally, following the brand's Instagram and Facebook accounts was suggested.

Who is the new president of the Monarch?

Furthermore, Airways, a publication covering the aviation industry in America, announced that Daniel Ellingham is the new president of the revived Monarch. The publication claimed that the new brand had received initial investments from various firms in the EU and the UK.

£486 million in debt

Monarch Travel Group had plunged into a debt of £466 million in October 2017, resulting in the repatriation of over 85,000 vacationers at a cost of £60 million.

Monarch Airlines operated flights from its bases at Luton Airport, Gatwick, Manchester, and Leeds-Bradford. It transported 6 million passengers annually and had a workforce of 2,100 employees.

The former CEO of Monarch, Andrew Swaffield, cited the collapse in the tourism sector in Türkiye and the terrorist incidents in Egypt and Tunisia as among the reasons for the bankruptcy.