In 2023, Türkiye welcomed a total of 56.7 million tourists, marking a 10% increase from the previous year. The largest number of visitors came from Russia, with 6.3 million tourists, followed by Germany with 6.1 million tourists of the total, and the United Kingdom with 3.8 million visitors.

The average length of stay decreased slightly from 10.3 to 9.8 nights, a 5% reduction. However, the expenditure per night per person increased by 12%, from 89 to 99 USD, while the average spending per tourist rose by 5%, from 905 to 952 USD.

Türkiye's total tourism revenue in 2023 escalated by 17% to 54.3 billion USD, up from 46.5 billion USD in 2022. For 2024, the goal is to attract 60 million tourists and achieve 60 billion USD in tourism revenue. The expected average nightly spending per person for the coming year is projected to increase to 106 USD, while the average length of stay might slightly decrease to 9.7 nights.

February occupancy rates announced for hotels! February occupancy rates announced for hotels!

Between January and December, there were notable increases in tourist arrivals from several key European markets to Türkiye. Visitors from Austria increased by 9.20%, totaling 496,000, while Belgium saw a marginal increase of 0.03% with 596,000 visitors. France contributed an increase of 4.64%, bringing in 1,031,000 tourists. A significant rise of 35.50% was seen from Poland, with 1,539,000 visitors, and Greece showed a 20.48% increase with 686,000 visitors.

On the other hand, Italy sent 602,000 visitors over the 12 months, registering a 43.15% increase, making it the market with the highest growth among OECD countries. However, there was a slight decrease of 1.01% from the Netherlands, with 1,232,000 visitors.

In 2023, the most significant source markets for Türkiye's tourism were:

Russia: Leading with a 20.66% increase, sending 6.3 million visitors.

Germany: The second-largest source, with 6.1 million visitors.

The United Kingdom: Third, with 3.8 million visitors.

Other notable increases in tourism were observed from various countries:

The United States: 31.66% increase, with 1.3 million visitors.

Japan: 157.35% increase, with 78,000 visitors.

South Korea: 59.25% increase, with 159,000 visitors.

China: Significant 177.18% increase, with 248,000 visitors.

However, there was a decline in tourists from Gulf countries, with decreases from Bahrain, the UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Jordan. Conversely, Iran and Saudi Arabia showed increases in tourists visiting Türkiye.

Editor: Haber Merkezi