The Michelin Guide evaluated around 200 luxury hotels in France with its "Key" system, reflecting its restaurant star rating system for hotels.

"One Key" is awarded to special hotels, "Two Keys" to extraordinary hotels, and "Three Keys" to exceptional hotels.

Michelin identified 24 Three Key hotels, 38 Two Key hotels, and 127 One Key hotels in France. Several palace hotels including the Four Seasons George V and Chateau received Three Keys. The list also covers rural accommodations like Lafauri-Peyraguey and Chateau de la Gaude, which won Two Keys, and includes several notable boutique hotels such as Hôtel Le Ballu, La Fantaisie, and Les Bains.

Michelin stated that its aim is to evaluate hotels beyond basic amenities, giving priority to their restaurants, design, and services. Additionally, the Key system focuses on local character, individuality, and overall unforgettable guest experiences.

Michelin plans to announce its top luxury hotel picks in the United States on April 24, in Spain on April 29, in Italy at the beginning of May, and in Japan and Korea in July.

The luxury hotel industry is keenly observing how Michelin will navigate rating hotels and its potential impact on the business. Some luxury hotel operators are hopeful about this rating.

Oya Narin: Support essential for domestic hotel chains! Oya Narin: Support essential for domestic hotel chains!

Currently, Forbes Travel Guide is known as the major player in this area. It is thought that Michelin's Key ratings will introduce new competition in the sector.

Editor: Haber Merkezi