Emre Narin made statements on current tourism agenda! Emre Narin made statements on current tourism agenda!

Mary Hotels, known for its Mary Palace Hotel in Antalya, is celebrating its 9th anniversary with the acquisition of the Sirius Deluxe Hotel in Alanya. The company's Chairman, Ramazan Kara, highlighted this milestone as a testament to their growth and commitment to increasing capacity in the hospitality sector.

In a statement, Ramazan Kara emphasized that they want to grow hospitality sector after automotive. "Our primary business for 55 years has been in the automotive sector, where we have been main and spot dealers for numerous brands. Alongside this, we have also engaged in agricultural, construction, and household appliance dealerships," Kara explained.

He recounted the company's entry into the tourism industry, which began with the opening of the Mary Palace Hotel in Manavgat Side nine years ago. "Recognizing Antalya's status as a tourism hub, we decided to venture into the hospitality sector and have successfully established Mary Palace Hotel as a renowned brand in Europe."

Kara also touched on the company's diversification into the energy sector with the launch of Kara Enerji in 2021, underscoring their dedication to sustainable energy solutions. "We are making steady progress in the energy sector as well," he said.

The acquisition of Sirius Deluxe Hotel in Alanya further strengthens the Mary Hotels brand. "In 2024, we integrated Sirius Deluxe Hotel into our portfolio, enhancing our presence and capabilities in the hospitality industry," Kara added.

Looking ahead, Ramazan Kara expressed confidence in continued growth across all sectors of their operations, with a particular focus on tourism.

Editor: Haber Merkezi