Kaan Kavaloğlu: The danger awaiting hoteliers is greater Kaan Kavaloğlu: The danger awaiting hoteliers is greater

Stating that they approach guest satisfaction in terms of experience and emotion, LOTI’s CEO Aydın Yaşayacak said, "LOTI is designed to enrich our guests spiritually and mentally, not just to meet the expectations of high-income consumers but through our premium and luxury service understanding as an upper segment service concept, drawing from years of experience, knowledge, and accumulation. I can define the elements that make up LOTI as follows."

Four key points in service

Focusing on four main aspects in their services—‘vintage feelings’, ‘feeling different and special’, ‘maximum comfort/quality’, and ‘the timeless nature of luxury service’—Yaşayacak emphasized, "We approach guest satisfaction as an experience and emotion. To elaborate, LOTI promises its guests not just a vacation but also an unforgettable experience. This promise is supported by luxury services, offering a personalized experience with quality and meticulous details that exceed guests' expectations. These positively memorable experiences that turn into beautiful memories constitute guest satisfaction for us."

What is done for an unforgettable experience?

Explaining what they do to provide guests with an ‘unforgettable experience,’ Yaşayacak said, "We design a personalized and high-quality experience. We strive to do this job in the best possible way. We have a distinguished hotel network. Our LUJO Blackjet, designed with every detail in mind for a safe and comfortable flight, offers our guests quick check-in, lounge services, a special menu, and entertainment options with iPads during the flight. Thus, their experiences in the most valuable time periods begin with a comfortable and stress-free journey. For guest transfers, we provide a fleet of specially designed vehicles, consisting entirely of Mercedes Sprinter, Vito, and Maybach models, with comfort, privacy, and security in mind. Of course, our team of experts is always on hand to design exclusive services and ensure the best experiences for our guests."

“We have gained position in the market in a short time”

Noting that they currently operate in Türkiye, Thailand, Dubai, and the Maldives, Yaşayacak said, "Despite being a young company, we have gained a very significant position in the market in a short time. Our brand value, service quality, experience, and the synergy of our team increase day by day."

“We value every feedback from our guests”

Emphasizing that each service they offer to guests is a ‘quality standard,’ LOTI CEO Aydın Yaşayacak said, "We know our target audience well and understand their needs. Every service we offer to our guests has a quality standard. We progress by adhering to our standards, and we train our employees in line with our company culture and standards. We constantly strive to develop our range of services and offer new services to our target audience. We have a professional and helpful guest services team. We value every feedback we receive from our guests and take action. Being transparent and honest with our guests is very valuable to us. And we support all these processes with technology."

Editor: Haber Merkezi