One of Türkiyes leading hotel chains, Limak Hotels & Resorts, is accused of discrimination against Turks. Amid allegations that Limak Hotels charges Turkish citizens with extra fees, the hotel group remains silent.

According to the allegations, a Turkish citizen who noticed that the holiday price at Limak Lara Hotel in Antalya, was cheaper in the UK than in Türkiye, made a reservation through a foreign website.

However, upon arrival at the hotel for the holiday, the Turkish guest encountered a surprise. Hotel officials claimed that this price was for the UK, not Türkiye, and demanded an additional fee of 120 euros from the customer. When the customer asked what this money was for, he received the response, 'Difference in nationality.'

Oya Narin: Support essential for domestic hotel chains! Oya Narin: Support essential for domestic hotel chains!

Subsequently, the customer declared that he would pay this money only if the invoice stated 'charge of difference in nationality.' Sharing the invoice with the phrase 'difference in nationality' on social media, the Turkish citizen alleged that this was discrimination against Turks.

Many people on social media platform X criticized Limak Hotels for its alleged discrimination against Turks.

Editor: Haber Merkezi