Thousands of people protested mass tourism in Spain Thousands of people protested mass tourism in Spain

During his attendance at ITB Berlin, one of the world's largest tourism fairs held in Germany, Kemal Şahin shared insights on the Mediterranean market dynamics. According to a report by Tourism Today, Şahin highlighted the growing European interest in Türkiye, propelling the country to the top spot in the Mediterranean basin. "By outshining Spain, we've conquered the Mediterranean. We are now the dominant force in the region. The German market is also on the rise. Compared to 2022 and 2023, we have grown and expect further growth this season. I can't speak for the Russian market, but Europe's interest in Türkiye is increasing. I believe we will surpass the targets set by our Tourism Minister, expecting growth of more than 10%," Şahin stated.

He also reported a positive outlook for Megasaray Hotels reservations, noting that they have already reached 50% occupancy. "We've sold more than half already. My industry peers I met at the fair also reported good sales, reaching around 30%. Very few are in the negative, so I believe this season will be good for tourism. Let's continue investing. It's crucial for us since tourism generates significant revenue. Last season, we earned $54 billion, and this season, we anticipate surpassing $60 billion. Foreign currency income is especially important for our country and the government's current program. As hoteliers, we will contribute even more. We will eliminate crises. Tourism and tourism revenues are the commanders of this operation," Şahin elaborated.

Şahin reaffirmed their commitment to investing in tourism, stating, "There's no hitting the brakes. The money we earn will be invested back into tourism. In two years, we've expanded our hotels from one to five. We will continue to grow. We have a planned destination and are pursuing opportunities. Our aim is to channel resources towards our country."

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