Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (AKTOB) President, Kaan Kavaloğlu stated that there are greater dangers other than FTI's remaining debt to the Turkish hotels.

Speaking at the SKAL Antalya meeting Kaan Kavaloğlu, who gave information to the participants about the latest situation about the effects of the bankruptcy of the tour operator FTI Touristik on Turkish tourism, especially Antalya, used the following statements:

Hoteliers complain rising costs and fixed exchange rates Hoteliers complain rising costs and fixed exchange rates

The recent bankruptcy of tour operator FTI Touristik has become a significant topic of discussion, particularly concerning its effects on Turkish tourism, with a primary focus on Antalya. AKTOB President Kaan Kavaloğlu provided insights into the current situation, highlighting the potential repercussions for the tourism sector.

"FTI was heavily cınsantrated Türkiye"

"FTI's bankruptcy presents a grave situation for Turkish tourism, especially for Antalya," Kavaloğlu stated. "Beyond the debts to hotels, we face a larger impending danger. We're trying to maintain a positive outlook for 2024-25. The importance of this issue will become clearer when we look at the summer agreements forming the backbone of 2025. This collapse should not be viewed merely as the failure of a German tour operator but as the failure of an operator heavily concentrated on Türkiye destination. Therefore, it is not the right approach to evaluate the results only in financial terms. It’s essential not to confuse the situation of Meeting Point, the destination operator linked to FTI, with the broader impacts of FTI's bankruptcy."

"Meeting Point might continue its operations"

"I anticipated clarity once the dust cloud settled. Now that it has, we expect the financial relationships to be clear by the end of this month. Once these are clarified, Meeting Point might continue its operations as a destination management company. The consequences of FTI's collapse are separate from the challenges Meeting Point is facing. We must ensure that our guests, who chose our country, are not significantly affected. These visitors could have chosen other destinations, so penalizing them for their choice is not an option."

Editor: Haber Merkezi