During the 8-month period from January to August 2023, the number of visitors to Antalya increased by approximately 20% compared to the same period last year.

In his assessment of tourism data, Kaan Kavaloğlu stated, "The number of visitors to Antalya showed an increase in line with our predictions. The Russian Federation, one of our main markets, grew by 32.5% compared to the previous year, becoming the country with the highest market share. Despite all adverse conditions, Antalya remained the most preferred holiday destination for Russian Federation citizens."

Regarding another significant source market, Germany, Kavaloğlu noted that the number of visitors exceeded 2 million, showing a growth of 17.3% compared to the previous year. He stated, "Germany is one of the largest source markets in terms of numbers and spending. We have higher expectations from this market, and we expect Türkiye's demand to increase especially during the winter season."

Kavaloğlu also mentioned that the United Kingdom set an all-time record for Antalya with nearly 1 million visitors, showing an increase of approximately 15% compared to the previous year. He said, "The United Kingdom is an important source market with great potential."

Regarding the Polish market, he stated, "Poland is an important source market with significant potential. It increased by approximately 40% as expected, ranking fourth in terms of market share."

Kavaloğlu noted that there was a significant increase in demand in Ukraine, despite the war, with a growth rate of over 100%, ranking tenth. He said, "We expect this growth trend to continue during the winter season compared to the previous year."