Yiğit Girgin, the Bodrum representative of the Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD) and General Manager of Bodrium Hotel & SPA, emphasized the importance of diversifying tourism in Bodrum, which holds a significant position among international tourism destinations, and spreading the season over 12 months.

Yiğit Girgin noted that Bodrum offers much more than the typical sea, sand, and sun tourism, stating that both domestic and international tourists contribute to revitalizing the market in Bodrum starting from April. He said, "With the influence of both the 9-day Ramadan holiday and the start of international flights in April, there was high occupancy, especially in hotels along the coast in Bodrum. Our preparations for the 2024 season are complete, and our morale as an industry is high. It is possible for us to reach the tourism goal of 60 million tourists and 60 billion dollars in revenue announced by our Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy."

16 more beaches will fly the blue flag 16 more beaches will fly the blue flag

"Genuine holiday options available for every budget"

Girgin also emphasized the availability of accommodation with different price alternatives in Bodrum, stating, "In Bodrum, there are bed and breakfast accommodation options starting from about 50 dollar per person. Prices vary depending on personal preferences and the services offered by the hotel. It is possible to stay at reasonable prices during the beginning and end of the season. Currently, the exchange rate is stable. However, it is expected to rise again towards the summer months. Tight monetary policy continues to be implemented in the economy. It will take time to see its effects. The exchange rate needs to maintain a balanced course at a certain level for the tourism sector."

"The 'expensive city' image doesn't reflect reality"

Yiğit Girgin, stating that Bodrum offers a combination of different accommodation and dining options and that some sensationalist news creates an image of 'Bodrum being an expensive city', used the following expressions:

"The tourism sector, which stands out with its unique beauties and rich cultural heritage in Bodrum, unfortunately faces a recurring problem every year: news about high prices and expensive venues. Especially, sensational emphasis on excessively expensive lahmacun and food and beverage products negatively affects domestic tourists. However, Bodrum is a rich destination that offers many alternatives. Among these alternatives are affordable options, which are an important part of the real Bodrum experience. This expensive perception not only affects tourists but also leads to a psychological price inflation in other venues. Bodrum tourism professionals are extremely uncomfortable with these types of issues being brought up and sensationalized before each season."

Editor: Haber Merkezi