In his column, Ortaylı highlighted that Türkiye has been implementing a tourism model similar to what Spain has abandoned. He emphasized that Türkiye's coastlines, much like those of Spain, require careful consideration and planning. He criticized the haphazard construction of buildings everywhere and pointed out the negative consequences of this approach, such as the destruction of pine forests in the Belek region of Antalya to make way for golf courses and the emergence of unsightly hotels blocking the coastlines.

Ortaylı stressed the importance of responsible use of coastal areas, particularly in the Aegean region, where water resources are limited. He argued that given the increasing population and the need for Turks to have access to the sea for recreational purposes, it is essential to use land and coastal areas wisely. He cautioned against constructing mass tourism-focused hotels along the coasts and advocated for modest buildings in rural areas of the Aegean.

Comparing the current state of Türkiye's tourism policies with Spain's, Ortaylı noted that Türkiye is lagging behind in terms of social understanding and enforcement of regulations. He pointed out that during the Franco era, Spain left its coastlines open to the public and even large hotels were set back from the shorelines. He suggested that Türkiye could benefit from similar practices to preserve its natural beauty.

Ortaylı rejected the notion that tourism could be a salvation or solution for a country of 80 million people. He argued that the damages caused by haphazard development would not be compensated by the revenue generated and predicted a decline in Türkiye's reputation as a tourist destination. He also criticized many hotel investors for their lack of understanding in the field, leading to frequent turnovers of properties and poor maintenance. He warned that the same fate could befall İlber Ortaylı: Tacky Hotels, Uncultured Golf Courses...rkiye's coastal buildings as was observed in Spain, where many structures turned into "ghost towns."

Please note that this translation is a summary of the key points in the original article and might not capture every nuance of the language used by İlber Ortaylı.