İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu introduced the portal to the public at an event held at a special hotel, along with the "Istanbul Creators Club Platform" and the world's first artificial intelligence guide application.

The presentation began with informative video demonstrations, followed by a presentation on "Unimpeded Access to Cultural Heritage" by Prof. Dr. Kerem Rızvanoğlu, Dean of the Faculty of Communication at Galatasaray University, and Dr. Yeliz Yücel, a faculty member of the Faculty of Communication at Galatasaray University. Speaking after the presentation, İmamoğlu said, "As the İBB, our goal in our tourism vision until 2029 is to increase the number of tourists coming to our city while extending the time each visitor spends in Istanbul, thus contributing to the economy of our city."

Describing Visit İstanbul as "the gateway of Istanbul to the world," İmamoğlu said, "With this platform, we aim to share the excitement of building the tourism ecosystem of this enchanting city sustainably, qualitatively, and with common sense. Together with all our sector stakeholders, we aim to tell the story of Istanbul in the most creative and unique way. Visit Istanbul accounts, 'Creators Club,' and the artificial intelligence application, just like the İBB Heritage application, 'Bosphorus,' 'Istanbul Card,' will be part of our quality efforts to revitalize tourism in Istanbul."


The 'Visit İstanbul' web portal, the face of Istanbul to the world, aims to transform visitors to the city from tourists into Istanbulites. Going beyond tradition and aiming to rescue tourism communication from the ritual it has become, Visit Istanbul adopts an innovative approach that makes everyone's experience accessible without depleting the city's resources and culture, but nourishing them. Additionally, the project, which will increase the sense of belonging and sensitivity of Istanbulites, aims to announce the voice of Istanbul to the world with collective intelligence, becoming the world's most followed and interactive city account, and offering the most participatory digital platform.


The project will also introduce Istanbul's artificial intelligence guide, which will provide voice guidance to the city's visitors throughout their journeys. The artificial intelligence application, to be launched in February 2024, boasts the distinction of being a global first.


Emerging as a unique community model for the global promotion of İstanbul, the 'İstanbul Creators Club' ensures that content creators present their perspectives of Istanbul to the world through Visit İstanbul. Each individual in this community will have the opportunity to contribute to projects where they can utilize their skills and abilities, creating value for themselves as well.

Editor: Mehmet Güneli