Hyatt Regency Izmir IstinyePark continues to make guests feel at home on New Year's Eve with its personalized flawless service and the motto "Away from home, but very close to home." The iconic Penthouse and Regency Executive Suite, with their exclusive terraces, await you to host your special gatherings with loved ones alongside the New Year ceremony.

Hyatt Regency Izmir IstinyePark's iconic Penthouse and Regency Executive Suite are ready to provide an unforgettable night for your friends, family, or business partners, ensuring a home-like experience with all its grandeur. With magnificent decorations that fully embrace the spirit of the New Year, Hyatt Regency Izmir IstinyePark seamlessly combines the comfort of your home with a top-notch service approach.

Experience the New Year on the Exclusive Terrace! The Penthouse, with its breathtaking terrace landscaped with natural plants and a bar, becomes a unique address in Izmir for your New Year's party. The room, designed entirely with natural wood furniture, offers a unique experience with central heating and cooling systems, room automation dominated by high technology, a personalized kitchen, and an aesthetic touch with glass decorations.

The panoramic view of Izmir from the Regency Executive Suite allows you to experience the New Year spirit simultaneously with the city. Offering an intimate setting for private groups, the Regency Executive Suite becomes an exceptional meeting point for New Year parties with its spacious terrace.

Turning the classic New Year table into a gastronomic feast with a special New Year menu, Hyatt Regency Izmir IstinyePark transcends your night beyond traditional celebrations with magnificent decorations that embody the New Year spirit. With its exclusive services, top-notch design, and all the finely considered details for the night, Hyatt Regency Izmir IstinyePark is ready to welcome 2024 with its customary splendor and luxury.