According to an analysis by travel portal operator HolidayCheck, Türkiye has seen a 13 percent decrease in prices for German families during the summer holidays compared to the previous year. HolidayCheck also reports an eleven percent decrease for Egypt. However, prices are rising in other regions such as Spain and Bulgaria.

While prices have decreased for families on the Turkish Riviera during the peak season, they continue to rise throughout the year.

HolidayCheck conducted the analysis by determining average prices for a ten-day package holiday for families during the summer holidays, including flights and meals, between July 18th and September 9th. Greece saw a three percent price increase, while Spain experienced a twelve percent rise, except for Mallorca, where the increase was only three percent.

According to HolidayCheck, family vacations are becoming cheaper in the Turkish Riviera (-8%), Rhodes (-8%), and Hurghada (-6%). On the other hand, prices are increasing in Tunisia (+9%), Bulgaria (+12%), and notably in Crete (+16%).

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Significant price increases for couples' holidays

For couples, price developments vary significantly but overall tend to rise. HolidayCheck determined average prices for a ten-day package holiday including flights and meals with departures available throughout the year. The analysis revealed that price increases remain strong for some destinations. Average rates for Crete (+16%), Mallorca (+14%), Rhodes (+14%), Lanzarote (+13%), and the Turkish Riviera (+10%) are significantly higher than last year. Prices are also rising sharply for Hurghada and Thailand (+9%), as well as Fuerteventura trips (+8%) and vacations in the Dominican Republic (+7%). The price increase is more moderate for Bulgaria (+5%), while Gran Canaria, Madeira, and Tunisia remain stable, and trips to the Portuguese Algarve become cheaper.

It appears that some destinations continue to adjust their prices throughout the year, recognizing that their high season prices were becoming burdensome for families. This trend is evident for the Turkish Riviera, Rhodes, and Hurghada, at least.

Editor: Haber Merkezi