According to Turizm DataBank, during the January-April 2024 period, total overnight stays, including those in hotels, holiday accommodations, campsites, recreational vehicle parks, and caravan parks, showed varying trends across the Mediterranean Basin.

Growth in overnight stays

In terms of overall overnight stays by both domestic and foreign visitors, the data reveals:

Spain: 1% growth
Italy: 5% growth
Türkiye: 8% growth
Greece: 2.5% growth
France: 9% decline

For overnight stays by foreign tourists specifically, the growth rates were:

Spain: 6.5% growth
Italy: 10% growth
Türkiye: 9% growth
Greece: 3% growth
France: Regress

Visitor profile for the first half of the year announced! Visitor profile for the first half of the year announced!

Hotel occupancy rates in the Mediterranean

In April 2024, the highest net hotel occupancy rate in the Mediterranean was recorded in Spain at 58%. Italy and France followed with average occupancy rates of 46%. Türkiye saw an increase to 39%.

Compared to the previous year, hotel occupancy rates fell in most regions except for Türkiye and Italy. The largest declines were noted in Greece and France.

These trends highlight the shifting dynamics of tourism in the Mediterranean, with notable growth in some regions despite declines in others.

Editor: Haber Merkezi