Nestled within the Regnum Carya in Belek, Antalya, the "Amber Lagoon Villas" designed by Metex Studio Erk (MSE), boasting over 20 years of experience in architectural and interior design projects both in Türkiye and abroad, harmoniously blend a nomadic lifestyle with nature, offering a serene atmosphere in luxurious accommodation.

Led by architects Hüray Erk and Kağan Erk, MSE has seamlessly integrated the features of a nomadic way of life with the natural elements at Amber Lagoon Villas, part of the prestigious destination of Belek in Antalya. This project promises an exciting experience that fuses the nomadic lifestyle, nature, and peaceful lodging in premium living spaces.

MSE's design for Amber Lagoon Villas within the Regnum Carya ensures that the natural and natural elements harmoniously combine with the private living spaces, in line with the characteristics of a nomadic lifestyle.

The project's "Lagoon Villas" section consists of 44 villas, each comprising one bedroom and a living area, as well as 15 premium villas with two bedrooms and a living area. Additionally, the Lagoon Villas offer a spa area with massage rooms, a fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, and a terraced dining area. The nomadic lifestyle concept in both the villa and communal space designs creates a serene atmosphere by seamlessly blending with nature and natural elements.

The design of Amber Lagoon Villas heavily considers the impact of the pandemic, with a focus on the mental and physical well-being of its guests. The nomadic way of life and the use of nature and natural elements have significantly influenced the design throughout the project. The preference for natural materials further supports the project's design concept, enriching the sensory experience.