The recently opened Caja by Maxx Royal Bodrum, a luxury hotel owned by Ersoy Otelcilik, the company of Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, is making headlines with its staggering prices. A six-night stay at the hotel can cost as much as 265,000 euros, equivalent to 8-10 million Turkish liras.

"Its price higher than Ritz Carlton Paris"

Journalist Fatih Altaylı commented on the matter in a YouTube video, expressing that if such prices are indeed being met, it is a significant achievement for Turkish tourism. “If you can sell at these prices, I tip my hat to you,” Altaylı remarked. He pointed out that the price is even higher than that of the Ritz Carlton in Paris, one of the most expensive hotels in the world. “The hotel was built on the site of a demolished hotel in Bodrum. I checked the prices myself recently: 6 nights for 8.64 million liras, or 265,000 euros. It's an extraordinary price. Hopefully, they can sell those rooms. If someone can pay that amount, I would congratulate the general manager of the hotel. It’s not just a room, it’s probably a villa or suite. This price is higher than the most expensive suite at the Ritz in Paris, which costs about 240,000 euros for 6 nights. If you can sell a room at a higher price than that, I salute you.”

"Fantastic price"

Altaylı also predicted that if Caja by Maxx Royal Bodrum can sustain these high prices, other luxury hotels in the area would follow suit. “We have been struggling to sell all-inclusive rooms in Türkiye for 100-200 euros. If this hotel, owned by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, can sell rooms for 265,000 euros, it’s fantastic. If this price can be normalized, other hotels will also raise their prices. It would be great if other hotels in Bodrum could sell at these rates. Not everyone can afford it, but that’s okay. Not everyone staying in Paris stays at the Ritz either. These prices are not meant for us. If someone can pay, let them. For years, we’ve been told that Türkiye is cheap and our hotels are nearly free.”

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