Aksoylar Company will build a Radisson Blu hotel in Kartal Cevizli Neighborhood in Istanbul. The Kartal Aksoylar Radisson Blu Apart Hotel Project, which started construction as a commercial center in 2019 but was halted due to economic reasons, will be realized on a 79-square-meter area, consisting of 204 rooms and 32 commercial units.

The building, currently in the rough construction phase, was converted into an Apart Hotel project with the aim of generating high profit. The total cost of the project is estimated to be 1 billion 90 million Turkish Lira.

Acquired a 5-star hotel

Kuzuoğlu Group, engaged in salmon production in Türkiye has purchased a 5-star hotel in Trabzon. Kuzuoğlu Group acquired a 5-star hotel that will contribute significantly to the tourism revenue of the city in Trabzon for 500 million Turkish Lira.

Hasan Kuzuoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuzuoğlu, commented on the new investment, stating that they have purchased a 160-room 5-star hotel in Trabzon that will make a significant contribution to the city's tourism revenue. The company, which carried out this investment with its own resources amounting to 500 million Turkish Lira, is preparing to make a name for itself in the tourism sector. The hotel, located in the center of Trabzon and adjacent to valuable investments, the yacht harbor, and the beach project, is strategically located 1 km from the important historical landmark, the Hagia Sophia Museum, and 10 km from Trabzon Airport.

Planning a new hotel

Tuna Ofis Mobilyaları, operating in the field of home and office furniture, is also expanding in the tourism and real estate sectors. Nuri Tuna, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tuna, who stated that they have been serving in the tourism sector for 4 years with Sofitel Istanbul Taksim Hotel, said they love the tourism sector and have received positive feedback by delivering good services.

Tuna emphasized that their goal, especially in tourism and hospitality, is not just to build a hotel and wait. He said, "In the past, we had the idea of an investment in different regions like Dubai. We are still evaluating alternatives, but we are primarily considering Türkiye. As a location, we are targeting Istanbul."

Dedeman's new destination is Rize

Dedeman Hotels, continuing to grow with its consecutive hotel openings, will have a new destination in Rize. The Park Dedeman hotel will be implemented in Pazar District of Rize. Park Dedeman Rize, to be realized with 88 rooms and 90 bed capacity by İstanbul Murat Publishing, will cost 95 million Turkish Lira.