It was announced that Greece set a new record in tourism in 2023. It was highlighted that this record was broken despite high temperatures, forest fires that led to the evacuation of thousands of tourists, and flood disasters.

The statement was made by the Bank of Greece. According to this, Greece hosted 32.7 million tourists last year. The last record in tourism in the country was set in 2019, before the Covid pandemic, with 31.3 million tourists.

With the record broken in tourist numbers last year, it was announced that tourism revenues also increased by 20% to approximately 20.5 billion euros.

Compared to 2022, the ratio of those choosing Greece from EU countries last year increased by 15.6%. It is noted that especially German and French tourists prefer to vacation in Greece. Meanwhile, the rate of those from non-EU countries choosing to vacation in Greece also showed an increase of 20.8%.

Last year, temperatures in some areas of Greece rose up to 46 degrees Celsius, and the fires that occurred in July on the islands of Rhodes and Corfu led to the evacuation of thousands of tourists. Twenty-six people lost their lives in the fires. In September, Greece was shaken by a flood disaster.