Inspired by the happiness of its guests, Gloria Serenity Resort provides an unforgettable lodging experience with its brand new face. Having completed a renovation process filled with innovations, Gloria Serenity Resort stands out with its functional and comfortable spaces brought to life through a transformation ranging from architectural details to decorations.

Innovatively blending luxury with simplicity

Throughout the renovation process, Gloria Serenity Resort introduces elegant touches that extend from the lobby to the reception, from the welcome area to the main restaurant and bar spaces. Starting from the main building and extending to the rooms and villas, the hotel, with its chic touches, successfully reflects the sense of comfort in every detail. From butler services to personalized privileges in pavilions, the villas at Gloria Serenity Resort highlight luxury and comfort, offering a dream-like lodging experience. In addition to the renovation of all rooms and villas, architectural touches such as the mirror TV system in the rooms create more spacious living areas, enhancing the comfort of the stay. Meanwhile, at Gogi Mini designed specifically for children, parents can enjoy their meals while children have a delightful and safe time with the mini club team. Featuring three terraces with sea views, a second lobby designed for a more enjoyable time for guests, and locker rooms equipped with showers and changing cabins that guests can use until their flight departure after check-out, are also among the hotel's innovations. The fitness center, which attracts significant attention from guests, provides a spacious interior design for a more comfortable exercise space. Serenity SPA, the haven of body and soul tranquility, offers an unforgettable experience to all guests who want to return to their daily lives after vacation refreshed and fit.

A culinary journey through A La Carte restaurants

Gloria Serenity Resort enhances its strong gastronomy with brand new a la carte restaurants, each with distinct concepts. Alongside the main restaurant, the hotel expands the number of a la carte restaurants to eight with the newly opened ones during the renovation process, offering select delicacies from Turkish, Italian, French, and Japanese cuisines. Gloria Serenity Resort caters to all taste buds with Estela, serving select examples from global cuisines 24/7, and three different snack A La Carte restaurants with a rich lunch menu. Among the A La Carte options that feature world cuisines, Kül, with its hearth concept, and Chef, inspired by Anatolian cuisine, stand out, presenting the most delightful recipes of Turkish and Anatolian Cuisine. Chef restaurant showcases important tastes inherited from Anatolia's culinary heritage, interpreting local products with modern techniques and presenting them to guests. The Irish Pub located on the ground floor of the hotel is preparing to offer a unique bar concept, especially during the winter months. Alongside various presentations and beverage options, a special selection of international beers awaits guests at the Irish Pub. The hotel introduces a variety of homemade ice cream flavors at its newly opened ice cream shop, Scoop. With its pastry shop offering the most exclusive daily-baked pastries and a chocolate shop featuring reimagined world-famous Belgian chocolates, Gloria Serenity Resort becomes a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.


Environmentally-friendly accommodation

Offering a luxury accommodation experience in harmony with nature, Gloria Serenity Resort also stands out with its environmentally-friendly approaches during the renovation process. Emphasizing green spaces designed with horizontal architecture, Gloria Serenity Resort also draws attention with practices that reduce water and electricity consumption. Innovations supporting environmental sensitivity and water conservation include spacious cabin bathrooms instead of jacuzzis and motion sensors that enhance energy efficiency. From lighting systems to air conditioning, rooms are designed with a high-tech, smart room system to increase security, featuring motion sensors that can automatically alert the reception if no movement signal is received from the room for a certain period of time.

Guest satisfaction comes first

Gloria Serenity Resort brings about a significant change in its services for guests. The newly established Glorian Guest Service team provides assistance to villa guests from the first day of their stay throughout their entire lodging experience. Assisting guests both through WhatsApp and in person, these assistants make guests' holidays more comfortable and seamless.

Editor: Savaş Daş