At the beginning of this year, Firuz Bağlıkaya, the President of TÜRSAB, acquired Munich-based Sitalia GmbH and later changed the company's name to Spica Travel GmbH. Established in 2009, Sitalia GmbH, primarily organized tours to Italy.

Firuz Bağlıkaya brought in Yasemin Akladious, who had worked as the general manager of FTI for 10 years and had contributed to establishing the tour operator in destinations like Egypt and Türkiye, as the head of Spica Travel.

It will differentiate with its service

Yasemin Akladious, acknowledging the competition in the package tour market, stated that their goal is not to become one of the major tour operators in the market, but to provide high-quality service.

Akladious emphasized, "This also necessitates a focus on the selection and distribution of high-quality hotels. Through our personalized service, we prioritize persuading agents and providing them with consultancy."

Guests of Spica Travel are currently covered by the German Travel Insurance Fund (DRSF).

Focused on the Mediterranean

Yasemin Akladious, who revealed that Spica Travel positions itself as a package tour company, stated that their primary focus destinations include Türkiye, Egypt, Greece, Mallorca, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and the Canary Islands, encompassing destinations around the Mediterranean. She emphasized that they are well aware of the competitive dynamics in package offerings within these destinations.

General Manager Akladious stated, "We have assembled an experienced team, and in this regard, I can say our strength lies in our team. We have known each other for years, our staff members possess various expertise, and we have an excellent reservation technology that operates seamlessly."

The portfolio will feature high-end hotels

Spica Travel will include highly-rated hotels in the upper segment in its portfolio. Firuz Bağlıkaya mentioned, "We always aim to provide the best service to our customers and to be at the top level in terms of quality by working with the highest quality facilities."