The fight, that British holidaymakers also involved, allegedly occurred late last month in a hotel in Marmaris-İçmeler, Türkiye, Daily Mail reports.

According to a report the fight allegedly started due to an argument between a waiter and a relative of the British vacationer, and it was claimed that the British tourist initiated the fight.

It was reported that the hotel staff, consisting of 10 individuals, attacked the British tourist during the brawl, delivering kicks and punches, and throwing chairs. Meanwhile, it can be observed that intervening tourists also got caught up in the fight.

Regarding the incident, there are comments questioning how the hotel management remained silent about such an incident, and it was noted that the Daily Mail contacted TUI to gather information about the incident.

The footage was shared on Facebook by Sean Reay on August 5.

'Check out how this escalates and how managers do nothing. This was this week; I'd be asking questions with your travel agent if coming here,' he wrote.

The post received over 4,800 likes and 4,000 comments as many outraged viewers were quick to share their horror at the brutal fight.

Mark Chamberlain wrote: 'Hope they're all sacked.'

Editor: Savaş Daş