Fibula Group, which operates three five star hotels in Antalya and Ohrid-Makedonia, starts a new hotel project in Boğazkent region of Antalya.
519 rooms ultra- all inclusive, Nixie World Hotel, is set to open in 2024.
Fibula Group Chairman Ayhan Mavisu said that the new hotel will sustainable, environmentally friendly and does not harm nature. "We prioritize the recycling of water, energy, and waste produced during accommodation activities, as well as the use of smart materials starting from the construction phase." Mavisu said. 

Fibula is also in tour operating business that serves 2 million customers every year in Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Switzerland.

In Türkiye as a whole, there are 1.2 million ministry-certified beds, and Antalya is the leader with 889 hotels and more than 500 thousand beds.

In terms of five star hotels Antalya is first place in Türkiye and third in the world with 400 five star hotels. Antalya is alone have more five star hotels than whole Spain has.

42 per-cent of 1.2 million ministry-certified beds in Turkey is in Antalya.

Editor: Savaş Daş